Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Looking Good In Your One-Way Video Interview

The saying goes “Looks aren’t everything”, but when it comes to interviewing for a job it’s best to make certain that you look your very best. Vanity, in this case, is a good thing.

Using one-way video interviews in the hiring process is growing more popular by the day, therefore, it is highly likely that you will be invited to participate in one if you want a job. The infographic below from Mixergy, “How Not to Look Ugly On A Webcam”, provides helpful tips so you can ensure that you look your most glamorous for your next video interview.

Some tips that may not immediately come to mind for video interviewing preparation that the infographic highlights are:

Have light facing you - not behind you!

Mixergy’s infographic explains that when light hits a webcam, it will compensate by going dark and you’ll end up looking like a faceless shadow. Consider having two lamps surround either side of your face to really make you look good on camera.

Center yourself

It’s important that you position yourself in the center of the webcam. Make sure all of your head, neck, and shoulders can be seen. You should also be aware of your posture. If you’re slouching, the recruiter/hiring manager reviewing your interview may get the vibe that you’re not very interested in the position or that you’re a timid person; not usually traits people are looking for in employees.

What you choose to wear for a video interview is also important

Go about picking an outfit the way you would if you were meeting an employer in person. Choose clothes that fit you well; nothing baggy or too tight. Furthermore, be sure to dress appropriately from head-to-toe. In a one-way interview, you’ll most likely be seated the whole time, but wearing a complete interview outfit can help you to focus and maintain the state-of-mind needed for having a successful interview.

Also keep the following in mind:

Avoid white

Most people will equate white clothing with looking clean and very presentable. That can work for in-person interviews, but on camera white is not a wise choice. White clothing will appear brighter on camera and may overpower your face, potentially making eye contact difficult. Instead, choose darker colors like navy and avoid patterns - solid is the way to go!

Avoid too much/flashy jewelry

While you may think that new necklace would go perfectly with your cardigan, it’s best to wear minimal jewelry for a video interview. You should also stay away from especially shiny jewelry that could catch the light on camera.

Don’t forget the basics

A video interview is no less formal than an in-person interview, so men, don’t think you shouldn’t have a clean-shaven face. And women, keep your makeup minimal and conservative.

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